Falling Heads
Once, there were only the people of the Wild Boars. As the oracle predicted, the river marked the schism of those who crossed over—the People of the Sunflowers. Time comes and they return to conquer the rich lands of their descendants, to teach the Wild Boar children their pure thought geometries—a view divided, the senses split, a soul cut by an orphaned hand.
An allegory arising from Akutagawa Ryunosuke's 1917 short story, Falling Heads is a co-devised work directed by Matthew Crosby, current contributing artists, Damon Branecki, Alexandra Clouston, Tessa Marie Luminati and Angelique Zhou. 
Second stage open rehearsal: 20th & 24th June 7pm start; 90 minutes
Small Hall, 430 Queensberry St North Melbourne.

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