Corporare: the journey of Evan Task… from child prodigy to tech entrepreneur billionaire; lift-off! Bound for Mars in the Optima Mark II. In outer space, corporate evangelist Task battles the ghosts of victims of his negative externalities and workers who grew tired of his bullying. In the wormhole he meets a technician killed with his family in the Fulfilment Centre Mall crash of the Optima Mark I. On Mars, Task initiates the hermaphroditic embryo humidifier to populate the barren wasteland with his own spores. But the surprising 'resident artist worms of Mars' pierce Evan's corporate veil of impunity—they infest his body and enact a revenge. Died in the scenario again! Task drags his spaceship home listing his demands for when he will next come out to play.
Corporare looks at the corporate body, a metaphor of madness made real.
What a show! Just bloody gorgeous. Elegant, funny, gently caustic. I felt so privileged to live in a city where this kind of event might happen, a coming together of artists to witness someone at the height of his expressive powers!—Maude Davey
Light and space are obvious in the matter of space travel, but that combo also works on many other levels, physically, emotionally, and metaphorically. The whirling, spiralling constellations on your geegaw world are reduced at the end by human decay and infantile ambition to nursery room playthings, like bubby's mobile—Jim Daley
Photos: Oscar Socias

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