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Come and join us on our next Open Rehearsal on 21st and 22nd of April / 2021.

Bring your students along, contact us and ask us about an incursion on co-devising, character work, script interpretation and other VCE Drama and Theatre Studies modules.

Come visit us online or in-studio!

Click on photo to watch the Virtual Open Rehearsal we did on Aug/2020. We discussed with students and teachers questions on devising, development, energy, virtual training and more.

Rodrigo Calderón

Visit us

The Thursday Group offers the unique opportunity for teachers and students to visit our training and rehearsals – online or in-person, let us know if you would like to join the invited audience for one of our ‘open rehearsals’.

Tessa-Marie Luminati


Our diverse team of theatre practitioners offer exciting workshops in character-work, devising theatre, and performance and other drama and theatre studies modules.

Lorna McLeod and Alana Hoggart

Teacher resources

We offer help to teachers and students in one-on-one or small group sessions for consultation with a range of VCE Drama and Theatre Studies assessment tasks.

Check the descriptions below the videos for ideas to use in class:

  • TTG training in-studio and online, 2-minute example – training ‘then and now’ Here.
  • TTG in discussion with teachers and students, 4-minute example – Online Open Rehearsal – discussion on devising: Here.
  • TTG Venice Variations: gesture in body and voice: 2-minute example Here.
  • TTG Muse Poet: transferring impulsive ideas to the poet: 2-minute example Here.
  • ‘Ancient’, – Improvisation using Vygotsky inner speech and Suzuki: 7-minute example Here
  • ‘Mulch Breaking Down’, Improvisation using Vygotsky inner speech and Suzuki: 6-minute example Here. –
  • ‘Bubble’; Improvisation using Vygotsky inner speech and Suzuki; 1-minute example Here.

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