Thursday Group sharing practice

In our open rehearsals come see Suzuki Method Actor Training influenced by our investigation of Jerzy Grotowski, Tadeusz Kantor, J. Clifford Turner and others.

Practice online

Open Rehearsal Resources For Teachers

Online Open Rehearsal Two minute film

Dear teachers, we know you are always busy! If you are thinking of coming to visit our open rehearsal, we can share a student information sheet with some prompt questions. This year our teacher liaison Lorna McLeod won (gasp!) the Drama Victoria Teaching Excellence award. Apart from acting with Thursday Group for many years now, she has great experience teaching VCE drama… let’s have a conversation about how our work might relate. Drop us a line.

In 2020 The Thursday Group is continuing training, practice and performance development online. In our cramped home spaces that we each light and design, our foundational training in Suzuki Method Actor Training takes on some very special characteristics. We synthesise other methods with the Suzuki training – think of them as connecting nodes. So, for example we include investigations of Grotowski’s impulse work with Suzuki’s statues exercise, or the training we are developing with Clifford Turner vocal exercises has come into the Walks + Variations exercise. We have also been investigating Lev Vygotsky’s ‘thought and word’, which has relation to Stanislavski… you can find examples here, and here. In addition, differently to the working process we used for last year’s sell out Greenroom Award nominated ‘The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest‘, we are co-devising our next performance called ‘Orpheo Machine‘. We hope that you can come to watch and discuss as this show takes shape. In it, we incorporate the online space into our practice, so the actors relate on-screen, and the relation with the audience is via that tiny pinhole camera. This new yet suddenly familiar mode seems to create a new genre for us. Though we really want to get back into the studio, we are aware that online sessions have opened up audiences all around Australia and indeed, throughout the world. Looking forward to meeting you there, Drop us a line.

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