…performance, training, body voice, collaboration, slow-burn, experiment, discussion, process, open-rehearsal…

  • Tuesday Suzuki Sessions: regular training for those who know the training.


Rodrigo Calderón, Joshinder Kaur Chaggar, Matthew Crosby, Kathleen Doyle,
Alana Hoggart, Tessa-Marie Luminati, Lorna McLeod.

The Thursday Group is a theatre collective co-facilitated by Matthew Crosby and Kathleen Doyle working in Melbourne, Australia since 2009. Our group does slow-burn laboratory investigating performance practice, synthesising Tadashi Suzuki’s actor training method with other forms. Questions of research are explored practically, discussed and documented in rolling workshop, and invited audiences witness and discuss development. Matthew Crosby’s play The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest premiered 2019 at La Mama Courthouse, Carlton Melbourne. We run three open-rehearsals per year, so if you are a peer, teacher, student or just interested in what we do, please email us to arrange attending. Lead by Matthew Crosby who is an accredited teacher of the Suzuki method, the group conducts annual workshop each year in January.

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