We offer you an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of physical theatre using the work of theatre practitioner Tadashi Suzuki. Watch the Thursday Group participate in a two part programme; some of our Suzuki training vocabulary followed by scenes from Matthew Crosby’s play The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest. A forum will be held after the performance.

Teachers and students of VCE Drama and Theatre Studies,

The Thursday Group is presenting their work expressly with Suzuki’s physical vocabulary to explore scene creation and development. This unique style can be experimented with in the classroom for student interpreted and devised performance experiences. Immersing your students in the world of a physical performance and an intimate theatre setting is a fabulous way to consolidate the theory work you do in the classroom.​


Contact us regarding a specific workshop in physical theatre tailored to your student’s needs.

Theatre Studies students will be able to understand aspects of the planning stage and how elements of physical theatre can be developed through exercises and experimentation. Discussion with the Thursday Group is encouraged after the showing, providing an opportunity for your students to explore ideas of collaboration, text interpretation and make further links to the actor–audience relationship.  There will be opportunities to discuss and analyse the application of stagecraft as well as evaluate ways the audience have interpreted the world.

Drama students can connect clear examples of manipulated expressive skills of actors which are drawn from the Suzuki training and applied to the performance of The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest. The physical vocabulary of the Suzuki training and its connection to the dramatic potential of a script will be evident, and informal discussion afterwards provides a unique opportunity to explore the process with the performers and playwright/director.
Watching rehearsal in a laboratory style setting, with connections to Grotowski’s Poor Theatre performance style is a significant way for students to analyse these performance styles and to conceive how any work may be physically realised where the actor is the focus.

Other points of research that The Thursday Group explores are
     –  actor/audience relation
     –  extrapolations on Suzuki Training
     –  chorus vocal
     –  developing rhythm
     –  sustainable practice in the theatre
If you are a drama coordinator and would like to book for your group, or if you are an individual student who would like to attend, you can email Lorna Mcleod, performer and schools liaison. Having audience present is good for us, so our doors are open for teachers by themselves or together with smaller groups of students to visit training sessions at anytime through the year. Just drop us a line! 

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