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Orpheo Machine

Singing a subversive truth to smash the walls of gender trope.

In development: Premiering 2021.


Trailer here

After the first performances of HE at the Fluorescent Festival in Queensland 2020, Calderón is creating a second, full-length iteration. The trauma of war is a shadow that casts over subsequent generations; in the next steps of HE’s journey, Calderón and his Thursday Group collaborators will explore the themes of absent parents, family and meeting the secrets of the past. Premiere December 2020 at Fluorescent Festival, supported by La Mama Theatre.

The Waves

Tessa-Marie Luminati’s rumination on Virginia Woolf’s The Waves.

The impulse to breath, the deep sense of need to take in life, giving in to that need, you inhale in, you expand, your mind opens, a thought trickles in, or rushes in. You can’t shake it out. It fills your entire brain. The body becomes absorbed by the thought. The thought explodes through the body, into a need, a want, an action, a gesture. Something happens. An event occurs. A moment is created. The breath finishes. The wave of breath subsides. The moment is released, everything is the same, and yet, everything has changed. This was my first impression of Virginia Woolf’s “The Waves.”

In development: Premiering 2021.


The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest

Trailer here

A cracked noir concerning the consequences of childhood trauma, this sell-out Green Room Award nominated season, supported by La Mama and City of Melbourne premiered at La Mama’s Carlton Courthouse theatre, Melbourne 2019.

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