Some personal observations after the final day of the 2021 Suzuki Elements Workshop, Melbourne Matthew Crosby – co-facilitator The Thursday Group. Why this training? Toward the end of the 2021 Suzuki Elements Workshop at The Thursday Group, Rodrigo Calderón, who co-facilitated the workshop, asked me to write something for the participants regarding the question, ‘SuzukiContinue reading “ON THE SUZUKI METHOD OF ACTOR TRAINING.”

Co-Devising Orpheo Machine

Matthew Crosby After reading my sketch for the play, The Thursday Group has used a co-creative model in developing the psycho-physical performance modes of Orpheo Machine. The development of the performance is firstly a means of practice development and secondly adds to our repertoire of performance-making. The work might be thought of as modules, suchContinue reading “Co-Devising Orpheo Machine”

Suzuki Training Elements Workshop 2021… Statues

January 2021. Some thoughts on Suzuki Tadashi’s Statues exercise; Matthew Crosby The Statues exercise is, as the name suggests, an exercise that explores expression in stillness. If you could imagine running the four-hundred metres just like Kathy Freeman at the Sydney Olympics, arriving at the finish line, standing still speaking classical text, then you mayContinue reading “Suzuki Training Elements Workshop 2021… Statues”

The theater of the pandemic or the pandemic of the theater

by Rodrigo Calderón In 1922, the Parisian newspaper L’Intransigeant asked Marcel Proust: ‘How would people behave if they were told that a meteorite would crash on earth tomorrow? What would we do in our final hour?’ Proust replied: ‘ Life would suddenly seem wonderful to us’ and then he argues that by being aware ofContinue reading “The theater of the pandemic or the pandemic of the theater”

Reflections from focal points

by Matthew Crosbyphotos by Oscar Socias As the next year starts, I look back at the last, drawing threads together from my logs and my memory of training, experimentation, discussion and open-rehearsal. This is a documentation, a news bulletin and a way to form strategy for the coming year. Perhaps it is useful for otherContinue reading “Reflections from focal points”