Co-Devising Orpheo Machine

Matthew Crosby After reading my sketch for the play, The Thursday Group has used a co-creative model in developing the psycho-physical performance modes of Orpheo Machine. The development of the performance is firstly a means of practice development and secondly adds to our repertoire of performance-making. The work might be thought of as modules, suchContinue reading “Co-Devising Orpheo Machine”

Suzuki Training Elements Workshop 2021… Statues

January 2021. Some thoughts on Suzuki Tadashi’s Statues exercise; Matthew Crosby The Statues exercise is, as the name suggests, an exercise that explores expression in stillness. If you could imagine running the four-hundred metres just like Kathy Freeman at the Sydney Olympics, arriving at the finish line, standing still speaking classical text, then you mayContinue reading “Suzuki Training Elements Workshop 2021… Statues”

some thoughts

by Kathleen Doyle In working with the Suzuki Method, we are not encouraged to refer to mirrors for feedback, because the emphasis, although always about trying to precisely achieve the form, is on the visceral experience that comes from the endeavor. The exercises are designed to raise levels of energy, and the actor uses thatContinue reading “some thoughts”

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