Some personal observations after the final day of the 2021 Suzuki Elements Workshop, Melbourne Matthew Crosby – co-facilitator The Thursday Group. Why this training? Toward the end of the 2021 Suzuki Elements Workshop at The Thursday Group, Rodrigo Calderón, who co-facilitated the workshop, asked me to write something for the participants regarding the question, ‘SuzukiContinue reading “ON THE SUZUKI METHOD OF ACTOR TRAINING.”

Co-Devising Orpheo Machine

Matthew Crosby After reading my sketch for the play, The Thursday Group has used a co-creative model in developing the psycho-physical performance modes of Orpheo Machine. The development of the performance is firstly a means of practice development and secondly adds to our repertoire of performance-making. The work might be thought of as modules, suchContinue reading “Co-Devising Orpheo Machine”

Suzuki Training Elements Workshop 2021… Statues

January 2021. Some thoughts on Suzuki Tadashi’s Statues exercise; Matthew Crosby The Statues exercise is, as the name suggests, an exercise that explores expression in stillness. If you could imagine running the four-hundred metres just like Kathy Freeman at the Sydney Olympics, arriving at the finish line, standing still speaking classical text, then you mayContinue reading “Suzuki Training Elements Workshop 2021… Statues”

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