The theater of the pandemic or the pandemic of the theater

by Rodrigo Calderón In 1922, the Parisian newspaper L’Intransigeant asked Marcel Proust: ‘How would people behave if they were told that a meteorite would crash on earth tomorrow? What would we do in our final hour?’ Proust replied: ‘ Life would suddenly seem wonderful to us’ and then he argues that by being aware ofContinue reading “The theater of the pandemic or the pandemic of the theater”

Reflections from focal points

by Matthew Crosbyphotos by Oscar Socias As the next year starts, I look back at the last, drawing threads together from my logs and my memory of training, experimentation, discussion and open-rehearsal. This is a documentation, a news bulletin and a way to form strategy for the coming year. Perhaps it is useful for otherContinue reading “Reflections from focal points”